• After a tile/grout cleaning service, the tiles in the kitchen bowed up so that I had a tiny hill in my kitchen.  It was the most alarming sound I've ever heard since I was sitting at the computer listening to what sounded like firecrackers going off behind me.  Turns out the mortar had aged under the tiles to the point that the tiles were hollow and the intense cleaning and all the water got underneath and pulled the tiles up.  I called one or two vendors looking to get the tiles repaired - I couldn't find replacement tiles at first since we had recently moved into the house and we were in no way financially prepared to change out the tile in the whole kitchen.  The manufacturer was no longer making this particular tile and one company in particular only wanted to sell me on a new floor.  They weren't that interested in trying to repair it.  The tile cleaning service even had the nerve to tell me that the tiles bowing had nothing to do with the water that'd been used!  Finally, I got in touch with Josh who came over promptly to provide an estimate.  He was extremely confident that he could save my tiles, re-mortar them, and put them back in place without us having to get all new tiles.  Compared to the thousands of dollars needed for a new kitchen floor, his price was EXTREMELY reasonable.
    Member Comments: Josh came back within a few days and spent nearly the whole day pulling the tiles up, sanding the old mortar down, re-applying a better thinset to the floor itself and then laying down the tiles again.  He even managed to add more mortar to the tiles that sounded hollow but hadn't been affected directly by the water.  They'll probably go at some point, but there was no need to pull them up at this time.  It was just Josh and he worked extremely hard, barely taking a break to eat.  He matched the color of the original grout perfectly as well.  After a few days, you could barely tell what had happened.  I was so thankful that he was able to do it and such a masterful job.  I fully intend to reach out to him one day to redo our master bathroom, since that is really one of their specialties.  Thank you Josh! Amazing job.
    –Rachel DaSilva
  • These guys really know their stuff. They do Floors very well and very fast. If I ever need anything else done, I know who I'm calling.–Amber Jones

  • They were absolutely fantastic. The crews were always on time and never missed any appointments, they went out of their way to accomodate any request or change, the owner and crews had fantastic attitudes. The workmanship was outstanding and I never had any problems. I would highly recommend them to anyone else with similar needs. Quickly furnished estimates and pricing fantastic.–Cathy James